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  1. Now Available: Presentations from TRB Annual Meeting 2017
  2. Landau Presents Trends in National Infrastructure Investments
  3. Latest Blog Post by Mark Sieber: Quantifying Uncertainty in Real World Decision-Making: Making Smarter More Grounded Choices
  4. TRB Annual Meeting 2017
  5. Bingham Delivers Keynote on Freight Automation at ODOT Fall Forum
  6. EDR Group Co-Authors Paper on Ex Post Analysis Presented at the 2016 Annual European Transport Conference
  7. Denver Business Journal Feature Story on CDOT Highway Study
  8. Landau Presents on Economic Impact of Airports and Their Operations
  9. US DOT Puts the “Fast” in FASTLANE Grant Applications!
  10. Weisbrod Speaks at IEDC Leadership Summit in New Orleans
  11. Let's Go CT - ConnDOT Statewide Plans
  12. Presentations at TRB Annual Meeting 2016
  13. Bingham Presents at WESTAC Forum in Calgary
  14. Bingham Delivers Poster Session at TRB Commodity Flow Survey Workshop
  15. EDRG Group Assists MODOT to Win TIGER Grant for Bridge Replacement Project
  16. Weisbrod Presents at OECD Roundtable (Paris)
  17. Weisbrod Presents at APTA Annual Meeting
  18. Weisbrod Speaks at UMD on Transport Investments & Economic Development
  19. Weisbrod Delivers Plenary Address at Thredbo Conf in Santiago
  20. Duncan Presents TRB Webinar on How Agencies Increase Economic Efficiency by Rightsizing Economic Footprint
  21. Paul Bingham Joins EDR Group as Vice President, Trade and Logistics Group
  22. Landau Speaks at National Aviation System Planning Symposium
  23. Weisbrod Presents on Best Evaluation Methods at SBCA Conference
  24. Fitzroy Participates in OECD - ITF Logistics Development & Performance Measurement Roundtable (Mexico)
  25. Now Available: EDRG Presentations From TRB Annual Meeting
  26. Stein Presents at UTC Spotlight Conference: Role of Freight Transportation in Economic Competitiveness
  27. EDRG Presentations at AMPO Conference 2014
  28. EDR Group Helps Applicant Win Largest, Rural TIGER Grant
  29. Fitzroy Presents Case-Based Ex Post Economic Impact Analysis at OECD / ITF Roudtable in Paris
  30. I-TED Sponsorship, Presentations and Poster Sessions
  31. Landau Presents on Infrastructure Investment at Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute Annual Conference
  32. EDRG Presentations at TRB Annual Meeting 2014
  33. Business Clusters Study for APTA
  34. ITF Container and Ports Roundtable in Chile
  35. Weisbrod Delivers Keynote at Pragma Council (Ontario)
  36. Winston and Weisbrod Serving as Panelists for TRB SHRP 2 Webinar
  37. EDRG's SFO Study Results in Award for Airport
  38. Weisbrod and Landau Present at TRB Webinar on Airport Improvements
  39. Duncan Presents on Public Transport Evaluation at AMPO Conference
  40. Landau Presents at Aviation and Aerospace Conference
  41. EDRG Organizes Transportation Webinar Series for NEDA
  42. Weisbrod Presents Webinar for CILTA on High Speed Rail and Economic Growth
  43. EDR Group Helps Two TIGER Applicants Win Discretionary Grants
  44. Petraglia Serves as Panelist for MIT Green Economic Development Initiative Webinar
  45. EDRG Speaking Engagements Across the Globe
  46. Weisbrod Chairs NSW Transport Infrastructure Summit in Sydney
  47. Winston's SHRP2 Economic Analysis Tools Presentation from ITE Technical Conference
  48. Weisbrod Delivers Keynote at Urban Transport Conference in San Paolo, Brazil
  49. Weisbrod Speaks at International Transport Forum's 2013 Summit in Germany
  50. ASCE Failure to Act Series
  51. Landau Delivers Keynote at Infrastructure Policy Event
  52. EDR Group has moved
  53. Economic Impacts of Proposed PG&E Utility Spending on CA Economy
  54. Draft of Six Flags Livable Centers Initiative Study Now Available
  55. New TRB Papers and Presentations
  56. ASCE Water Infrastructure Investment Report
  57. Weisbrod Speaks at European Transit Conference
  58. MARAD Listening Sessions
  59. Webinar: Building Support for Transportation Planning Using Economic Impact Analysis
  60. Weisbrod and Fitzroy Author A New Book Chapter
  61. American Reinvestment Recovery Act: Job Impacts of Energy & Transportation Programs
  62. EDRG Awarded SHRP2 Project C32-Continuation of TPICS
  63. Study Examines Economic Impacts of Midwest High Speed Rail
  64. South Coast Rail Team Wins Award
  65. Marlborough Economic Development Strategy
  66. Framingham Downtown Renaissance Website Development
  67. EDR Group and Secretary LaHood Cite Benefits of High Speed Rail
  68. Weisbrod Speaks at Lipinski Symposium
  69. Our Transportation Future Releases White Paper
  70. EDR Group Renews Federal Services Schedule Contract
  71. EDR Group Sponsors ITED Conference
  72. Workshop: Using Economic Impact Analysis for Transportation Decision-Making
  73. Benefit/Cost Analysis for Transportation Infrastructure: A Practitioners Workshop
  74. EDR Group Compares Job Stimulus Impacts of Energy Programs
  75. Governors and Premiers: Rail and Road Investments the Key to New Jobs in the Northeast
  76. US Business is a ‘Prisoner' of Congestion
  77. Institute of Transportation Engineers Presentation
  78. Stephen Fitzroy Joins EDR Group, 2007
  79. Techniques for Economic Development Targeting (C2ER Training 2007)
  80. Report Reveals Oregon Highway Limitations
  81. New Guidebook - Rail Freight as a Solution to Roadway Congestion
  82. A New Guide for Evaluating Freight Needs & Impacts
  83. Julie Ervin Appointed Boston Office Administrator, 2004
  84. Commissioner David Cole's Introductory Remarks