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I-TED Sponsorship, Presentations and Poster Sessions

EDR Group was proud to serve as a gold sponsor of the International Transportation and Economic Development Conference (I-TED) 2014. The annual conference, conducted by the TRB Committee on Transportation and Economic Development was held April 9-11 in Dallas,TX. Participants discussed and addressed the emerging transportation needs of businesses and economic development at the local, regional, state, national, and global levels. Members of the EDR Group team presened on a wide variety of related topics:

Poster Sessions:

  • Stephen Fitzroy. Visualization of Freight Data: An Applied Approach to Disaggregation and Dynamic Display of Commodity Flow Based on County-to-County Trade Data and National Level Freight Data. Poster
  • Naomi Stein. High Speed Rail and Area Economic Development: International Experience with HSR-Supportive Strategies. Poster   Abstract
  • Glen Weisbrod and Steve Fitzroy. TPICS/SHRP2 – C11 Tools Poster. Poster


  • Glen Weisbrod. Measuring Productivity, Competitiveness and Economic Growth Effects of Transportation Projects: How can they be measured and how can this information be used?, (A1) Economic Competitiveness, Productivity and Transportation Infrastructure. Abstract   Presentation
  • Steven Landau. Airports, International Trade and Economic Development, (A4) Airports and Air Transport: National, Regional and Local Studies of Air Transport on Economic Performance. Presentation
  • Chandler Duncan and Susan Moses. Multi-Modal Planning for High-Growth Business Clusters, (B4) Public Transportation, Clusters and Economic Development. Paper   Presentation
  • Stephen Fitzroy. Economic Impacts of the Panama Canal Expansion on the US Economy, (B5) Panama Canal. Presentation
  • Chandler Duncan and Steven Landau. Economic Implications of Disinvestment, (C3) MAP-21 and Disinvestment. Paper   Presentation
  • Stephen Fitzroy, Derek Cutler, and Brian Alstadt. New Methods for Assessing the Costs of Delay and Reliability on Major Highway Corridors: A Commodity-Focused/Industry Sector Approach for Addressing Freight Planning in MAP-21. (C3) MAP-21 and Disinvestment. Paper   Presentation
  • Chandler Duncan and Mike Brown. The Efficiency of Tolling, (D4) Public-Private Sector Roles and Relationships in Promoting Transportation Infrastructure Investments for Economic Development Objectives. Presentation
  • Stephen Fitzroy and Glen Weisbrod. SHRP2 C11 Tools and Transportation Project Impact Case Studies (TPICS) Demonstration, (E3) SHRP2 C11 and TPICS Tools Demonstration. Presentation

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