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Viggiano_ImageDr. Cecilia Viggiano is a Research Associate at EDR Group. She helps lead the firm’s public transit practice and contributes to transportation research and analysis across modes. Her work includes the development of multi-modal urban accessibility metrics and analysis of the impacts of demographic trends and policies on mobility patterns, including shared mobility. She has conducted assessments of public and private, local, state, and national data sources for applications including incident analysis and capital project prioritization. Cecilia has contributed to white papers and reports for APTA, TRB, and several local and state transportation agencies.

Cecilia joined EDR Group after completing her PhD in transportation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her doctoral thesis developed innovative quantitative and spatial methods for bus network planning, using new sources of travel data. She has published papers in Public Transport and the Transportation Research Record on the use of transit data in planning and evaluation, and contributed to the “Harnessing Big Data” Workshop of the Thredbo International Conference Series, the Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport, and the TransitData Conference. As a member of the MIT Transit Lab, she also developed and distributed an online survey of bus passengers in London, and used the results to evaluate route choice in bus corridors.

Cecilia also has a background and interest in environmental policy. In addition to a master’s and PhD in transportation from MIT, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Analysis from Pomona College, and worked in energy auditing and waste management and recycling prior to her graduate studies. She is a 2015 Eno Leadership Development Conference Fellow.

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