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Paul Bingham is a Sr. Economic Consultant with EDR Group. He brings 30 years of experience in trade and freight planning, analysis and scenario forecasting. His expertise includes economic and trade demand analysis, modal competition and supply chain efficiency and infrastructure project prioritization. He is a trade data expert, applying the best data fusion techniques to maximize predictive information and analytic insights from available commodity flow and associated freight equipment activity data sets.

In terms of consulting experience, Mr. Bingham has provided economic analysis and advice to major transportation infrastructure studies in the U.S. and overseas, ranging from over 20 state DOT freight and rail plans, FWHA’s Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Study, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ National Dredging Needs Study of Ports and Harbors, and studies of the expansions of the Panama and Suez Canals. He also managed modal commodity forecasts for Transport Canada’s national Gateways and Corridors Initiative as well as for several border trade infrastructure planning studies.

Mr. Bingham is an appointed member of the U.S. Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness, serving on the Committee’s Freight Transportation Subcommittee. He is co-chair of the TRB Task Force on Valuing Transportation Infrastructure. In addition, he serves on the TRB Policy Organization Group Executive Board and as a member of the Committees on Freight Transportation Economics and Regulation, Agricultural Transportation, and Disaster Logistics and Business Continuity Task Force. He is a National Council Member of the Transportation Research Forum and former member of the Board of Directors of the International Trade Data Users Group. He formerly chaired the TRB Freight Systems Group and the Freight Transportation Data Committee and was Secretary of the TRB International Trade and Transportation Committee. Mr. Bingham also previously served as Managing Director for the Global Commerce and Transportation practice of IHS Global Insight.

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