What We Do

aboutus13.pngHistory. Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group) was started in 1996, with a core group of economists and planners who had previously worked together in various combinations for over ten years. The firm was incorporated in Massachusetts in 2000.

The firm was started with a core philosophy - to contribute to a better society by enhancing our understanding of economic processes and by improving the tools we have for decision-support regarding policies and investments. The very name of our firm reflects a core business focus on economic development analysis and evaluation -- specifically the relationship of economic development to other public and private investments, programs and policies.

Activities. The firm has two business lines. The consulting business line is organized in terms of four areas of expertise, in which we apply our core services of economic evaluation and economic development opportunities analysis:

Transportation Economics
Energy & Environment Economics
Economic Development Programs
Economic Impact & Benefit/Cost Analysis

The software business line has five primary products:

TREDIS - the Transportation Economic Development Impact System
LEAP - the Local Economic Assessment Package
ADE - the Airport Development Economics system
• REEM - the Renewables & Energy Efficiency Impact Model
TPICS - the Transportation Project Impact Case Study system.

A key element of our core philosophy is our continuing efforts to provide professional leadership at the cutting edge of new technologies and approaches to improve economic evaluation and program strategies. We do this by playing major roles in professional organizations, conferences and publications, and by publicly sharing our work on the internet.

Clients and Locations. Past and current clients of EDR Group span nearly every state in the US and nearly every province in Canada. They also include organizations located in the UK, Netherlands, South Africa and elsewhere around the world. About 2/3 are government agencies, the rest are private companies and regional business organizations. We also commonly work with a large number of engineering and planning firms around North America and Europe.

Most of our work is conducted from our headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We are assisted by our affiliated consultants in California, Illinois and Washington, DC as well as overseas locations.

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