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Accounting for Equity

This morning I attended a session entitled "What's It Worth to You? Incorporating Tranportation Asset Value." The session addressed the methods for determining, monitoring, and updating the value of transportation assets to support ongoing reporting and investment planning. It's a topic I find inherently interesting because I think we don't spend enough time asking ourselves to describe the value of our complex and extensive transportation systems--whether from the perspective of the replacement value for existing physical infrastructure, or from the viewpoint of the role such infrastructure supports the basic functioning of society and the economy. What I wasn't expecting was a connection between the sometimes "dry" worlds of accounting and asset management, and the more humanistic perspective of intergenerational equity. However, in her update on TRB's Value of Transportation Infrastructure Task Force*, Shobna Varma discussed how asset valuation can actually be an avenue towards considering the intergenerational equity implictions of...
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Market Access at a Global Scale

This year at the Transportation and Economic Development Committee at TRB, I had the benefit of hearing a presentation by Binjam Reja of the World Bank about the One Belt One Road Initiative. For those, like me, who haven't been plugged into the intersection of international development, geopolitics, and transportation -- the "B&R" is a massive infrastructure iniative launched by China with the intent of strengthening both land and maritime connection between China and other major Eurasian economies. The corridor-based multimodal framework for investment in infrastructure is intended to improve connectivity among 65 countries, 4.4 billion people and about 40 percent of global GDP . There is substantial funding behind this still emerging effort: For me, the most interesting part of the discussion was a considering how countries other than China need to think strategically about the best way to engage with the B&R to sustainabily addresses their own economic development...
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TRB War Games In Action: Your Future Mobility is Right-Sized

Thanks Waheed for capturing our Energy Team in action at the inaugural TRB 2018 War Games! Attending #TRB War Game: Energy Team focus on #Energy Efficient Personal Mobility. #TRBAM @NASEMTRB — Dr. Waheed Uddin (@drwaheeduddin) January 7, 2018 I am happy to report that this simulated exercise/competition certainly got me, and I believe the rest of the room, "out of the box" and beyond our usual thinking. My favorite part was considering the behavioral and energy implications of a future in which individuals are able to more efficienctly match personal mobility options to needs, including the potential for automated "right-sized" personal vehicles. Right now consumers end up buying vehicles to address their maximum needs (think: towing a horse trailer or taking six kids plus equipment to hockey practice), but end up employing that significant and energy consumptive excess capacity on more frequent but less demanding trips (e.g. driving along to and...
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The Pre-TRB Whirlwind: Are You Ready to Learn with 13,000 of Your Closest Transportation Friends?

Hi! It's that time of year again - barely back from winter break and in this case some wintery weather mayhem, we rush collectively into the 2018 TRB Annual Meeting. Unlike last year, I'll be flying out of Pittsburgh, my new homebase to get to Washington, D.C. But just like last year I'll be using this blog to share what I see, do, and learn at TRB. Thanks for joining me! I wanted to take a quick opportunity to highlight things on my agenda that I am excited about: (1) War Games Come to TRB: May the Best Plan for Connecting Technology and Policy Win: I will be participating in a workshop on Sunday where teams compete to answer the question: How can technology, public policy and market forces be aligned to achieve greatest societal benefits and aspirational energy outcomes? I'm #TeamEnergy, meaning we're asking questions like: as methods of delivering...
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Welcome to TRB 2018

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