Energy & Environment

Energy and environment

Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group) assesses economic costs, benefits, performance and economic development opportunities associated with energy programs, environmental policies, and new technology investments. Our studies focus on analyzing the regional and state/province-level economic development consequences of policies, programs and facilities to promote business productivity, efficient resource use and economic growth. They span a wide range of issues:

• energy efficiency technologies and support programs,
• renewable energy systems (including wind & biotech power)
• gas pipeline and electricity transmission facilities
• environmental regulations
• clean technology product development
• costs of energy and environmental regulation

Our work is used for (1) economic market / feasibility studies, (2) economic development programs, (3) economic impact evaluation, and (4) program/policy planning. Our consulting clients include utilities, private companies and government agencies.

For more information on our consulting clients, projects and work products, click here to see our Project Archive for Energy & Environment Projects.

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