Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group) is a leader in evaluating economic development consequences of transportation projects and policies. We continue to develop and apply new and improved methods for identifying economic effects of transportation projects, through guidebooks, analysis tools and application studies for clients in North America, Europe and Africa. Our work spans all modes of transport:

• Airports,
• Seaports,
• Highways,
• Public Transport
• Truck and Rail Freight
• Intercity Passenger Trains
• Bicycles, Walking and Recreation.

Our studies address issues of job access, business market access, business production costs, household cost of living, local spending patterns, neighborhood development, project construction effects, and investment priorities. Our work is used for environmental impact assessments, benefit-cost studies, project planning and prioritization programs. Our consulting clients include state, regional and local transportation agencies as well as business organizations.

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EDR Group also provides software tools for assessing the benefits and economic development impacts of transportation projects and programs. These tools are used by both public agencies and consulting firms. For more information on our software products, click on the top right menu button.

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