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Baltimore-Washington Airport – Air Freight and Economic Impact Studies

Studies for the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Maryland Aviation Administration (2003 and 2004)

Baltimore-Washington Airport – Air Freight Expansion

By Cambridge Systematics and Economic Development Research Group for Maryland Dept. of Transportation, 2003

For Maryland Dept. of Transportation, EDR Group (under subcontract to Cambridge Systematics) developed an economic analysis framework for assessing business market potentials and economic development impacts associated with proposals for expanding international air freight facilities at Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport. Specific focus was given to the market for refrigeration warehousing and just-in-time delivery of perishables.

Read the Report (2.5MB)

Economic Impact of BWI Changes on the State of Maryland

By SH&E and EDR Group for Maryland Aviation Administration, 2004

For the Maryland Aviation Administration, under subcontract to SH&E, EDR Group calculated the total economic impact for Maryland of an airline service that was potentially going to discontinue service at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. This analysis considered the direct purchase of fuel, concessions, aircraft baggage handling, stations employees and related aviation services, as well as airport fees (supporting terminal operation).

A second level of analysis examined the effects of impacts of increased transportation costs on businesses if less convenient airports were used for cargo and passenger travel. At a minimum, their transportation costs will increase. Over time, some of these companies may consider relocation (or consolidation elsewhere) to be closer to airport services that they require. A related section of this project examined the key sector in the economy that would likely be affected by curtailing the airline service.

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