Boston Logan Airport's Evolving Role in the New England Economy

Economic Development Research Group, for The New England Council, 2001

What is the role of airports in supporting economic development? While the airport supports a great many jobs, just what is its importance for the continued specialization and development of the regional economy? To address these critical issues, the New England Council commissioned Economic Development Research Group to identify unique aspects of New England's economy and assess the evolving role of Boston Logan Airport in supporting that economic base.

The study utilized passenger and business survey data, tourism data, and international trade and cargo data to show the extent to which businesses depend on Logan Airport and its specific mix of long-distance services. The study also examined the extent of the airport's role in long-distance and international tourism and business travel, and key business links to the high tech industry.

Key findings were that Logan Airport is increasingly specialized in its air service function, serving as the international gateway for visitors to New England and as the region's primary port for long-distance travel. Compared to other airports around the US, Logan stands out for its strong emphasis on business-oriented travel, which is tied the region's convention, research and technology industries. It also serves as New England's primary air freight export gateway. These special characteristics of Logan Airport usage have evolved and grown stronger over time, and have resulted in an increasingly important convergence between Logan Airport and New England's economic base. The report includes a wide range of statistics on usage of Logan Airport and its contribution to the regional economy.

View or download the report (pdf)

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