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Economic Impact of Oregon's Aviation Industry

By Economic Development Research Group for the Oregon Department of Aviation, 2008

aviation_sm.gifOregon's 97 public-use airports provide support to the economic health of the state in a wide range of ways, including support for business operations, tourism, education, emergency services and recreation. However, to effectively manage investment in that system, the Oregon Department of Aviation (ODA) engages in a continually updated series of plans and studies.

The Oregon Aviation Plan 2007 (OAP 2007) is a comprehensive evaluation of Oregon’s aviation system and will serve as a guide for future aviation development. The plan looks beyond the traditional state aviation system planning elements by combining three planning studies that assess the condition of the existing aviation infrastructure, the economic benefit of the aviation industry, and the national importance and state significance of each airport. Each of these components is necessary to create a systematic approach to meeting the improvements and development strategies recommended within this report.

EDR Group evaluated the economic impact of airports in the state of Oregon for Oregon Department of Aviation. This analysis included the impacts of on-airport operations, local visitor spending, and activity generated from air cargo (including air dependent and reliant industries). Detailed survey data was used to estimate the direct activities at each airport. A complex database was then used, in conjunction with multipliers from regional economic models, to assess the total economic impacts from each airport's activity. Results were then provided by airport, region and state levels.


Oregon Aviation Plan 2007 (OAP 2007) - Published in March, 2008

Chapter 8 - Economic Impact of Oregon Airports

Technical Appendix to the Economic Impact Report by EDR Group

Economic Impact of Individual Airports

List of Preparers of the State Airport System Plan

Oregon Department of Aviation

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