Virginia Public-Use Airport Economic Impact Study

By HNTB, SH&E and Economic Development Research Group, for Virginia Dept. of Aviation, 2005

virginia air.jpgThis study for Virginia Dept. of Aviation documented the broad scale of economic impact and community benefits occuring as a consequence of commercial and general aviation airports throughout the state.

The study was conducted by HNTB, SH&E and EDR Group; it covered commercial and general aviation travelers, airport businesses, and aviation-dependent businesses. Staff of HNTB and SH&E administered surveys of travelers and aviation businesses, while staff of EDR Group conducted the economic impact analysis using statewide and county-level input-output models.

In addition, staff of EDR Gropup utilzed an economic forecasting and simulation model to evaluate the impacts of alternative scenarios regarding recovery from Sept. 11 drops in aviation activity, as well as impacts of alternative aviation scenarios affecting general aviation activity in the northern Virginia and DC areas.

Key findings were that Virginia public use airports, including Dulles International and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports, contribute a total economic impact of more than $10.7 billion to the Virginia economy. Virginia public use airports, excluding Dulles International and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports, contribute a total economic impact of $4.67 billion to the state economy.

Additional study highlights was the local finding that Virginia public use airports directly employed 8,190 people and expended $275.4 million in wages. The study also found that Virginia public use airports generated $3,124 of economic impact per 2001 enplanement.

View Documents and Information about the Study from the Virginia Department of Aviation

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