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Economic Impact of Energy and Environmental Projects & Programs

Following is a listing of projects, reports and articles pertaining to energy and environmental issues that have been conducted by staff of Economic Development Research Group, and approved by our clients for public sharing. While the contents of our web site are copyrighted by us, you are free to view and print these documents as long as you agree to give appropriate credit to the authors and cite the specific document names when using their information or ideas.

  1. Community Choice Energy Programs
  2. Impacts on the California Economy: Alternative Net Energy Metering Policies
  3. Off-shore Wind Policy/Project Analysis
  4. New England Energy Infrastructure Shortfall
  5. Evaluation of the California Energy Commission's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Programs
  6. Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth in Canada
  7. Transitioning to Renewable Energy: Development Opportunities and Concerns for Rural New York
  8. Economic Impacts of Proposed PG&E Utility Spending on California Economy
  9. Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth in Eastern Canada
  10. Failure to Act: The Economic Impact of Current Investment Trends in Electricity Infrastructure
  11. New York Solar Study
  12. Low Carbon Fuel Study
  13. Economic Development Impacts of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs, Wisconsin (Overview)
  14. Economic Assessment of Proposed Power Facility in Brockton, MA
  15. Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth
  16. Economic Benefit of Connecticut’s Clean Energy Program
  17. The Economic Potential of an Advanced Biofuels Sector in Massachusetts
  18. Economic Impacts of Natural Gas Production
  19. Clean Technology Assessments
  20. Emerging International "Green" Standards
  21. Environmental Impacts of the Massachusetts Turnpike and Central Artery/Tunnel Projects
  22. Energy from Forest Biomass: Potential Economic Impacts in Massachusetts
  23. Environmental Impacts of the Big Dig (Central Artery)
  24. Economic Impact of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  25. Economic Impacts of Proposed Emissions Policies on Utilities
  26. San Antonio - Market Potential and Economic Impact for Energy Programs
  27. An Approach to Quantifying Economic and Environmental Benefits for Wisconsin's Focus on Energy
  28. Economic Impacts of Energy Market Transformation (Wisconsin Focus on Energy Pilot Study)
  29. Evaluation of Commercial Energy Program in Pacific Northwest
  30. ESCO Lighting Market
  31. Energy Services Market Study
  32. How Can We Tell If Free Information Is Really Transforming Our Market?
  33. We've Been Testing Water Pumps For Years - Has Their Efficiency Changed?
  34. Learning from India: Defining Profitable ESCO Programs for a Utility
  35. India - ESCO Program Delivery Evaluation
  36. New York Renewable Portfolio Standard
  37. Measuring Economic Market Effects of California Energy Program
  38. Massachusetts Energy Conservation Series Evaluation Report
  39. The Economic Impact of Generating Electricity from Biomass: A General Equilibrium Analysis
  40. Market Segmentation and Targeting for Real Time Pricing
  41. Economic Competitiveness Impacts of Utility Rates and Programs
  42. New Construction (Arizona) - Energy Efficiency Program
  43. The Long-Term Economic Impact of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for Iowa
  44. Community Choice Energy in Contra Costa County
  45. Technical Study for Community Choice Aggegation Program in Alameda County

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