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Public Transit

EDR Group provides decision support and impact analysis for public transit planning and policy-setting. We evaluate performance, mobility, and economic impacts of public transit systems in a multi-modal context. We work for national, state/provincial and local agencies, as well as local transit operators across the US, Canada, and abroad on projects related to bus, BRT, streetcar, commuter rail, light rail and heavy rail transit. We also apply our expertise in to analyze transit planning and policy in the evolving transportation ecosystem.

EDR Group’s transit services include:

  1. Documenting the economic market and contribution of transit to local communities,
  2. Evaluating the role of transit in multimodal mobility and accessibility, including access to jobs,
  3. Analyzing transit performance for investment and planning decision support,
  4. Measuring land and economic development impacts of past transit projects,
  5. Predicting land and economic development implications of proposed new transit projects,
  6. Evaluating land development and value capture finance opportunities associated with transit,
  7. Measuring public cost and tax revenues associated with changes in transit service, and
  8. Calculating benefit/cost and economic impact analysis for proposed transit investments.

EDR Group has developed widely acclaimed transit analysis guides and evaluation reports for the American Public Transportation Association, Federal Transit Administration and Transportation Research Board. The firm is also a research leader in intermodal connectivity, smart growth and cluster development, and environment and green technologies.

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