Transportation Economic Impact System

TREDIS is the web-based economic impact and benefit-cost analysis tool for transportation projects and programs. It is the only system that spans all modes of passenger and freight transportation - including highway, rail, marine and air travel, and all types of intermodal terminals and facilities. It is also highly detailed in its representation of both freight and passenger costs and benefits, including the value of improving transportation reliability, access and system connectivity. TREDIS is used by local, regional and state transportation agencies to:

  • Weigh benefits and costs of alternative transportation investment strategies and policies
  • Assess the economic development impacts of investing in new transport infrastructure
  • Evaluate benefits of improving access to consumer, producer, and labor markets
  • Estimate economic impacts of constructing a transportation terminal or facility
  • Estimate the impact of congestion on households and industries (by sector)
  • Examine different strategies for managing a transportation corridor
  • Perform a comprehensive freight performance evaluation

For any of these applications, TREDIS can be used as a part of a comprehensive planning solution that interacts with existing transportation models and regional economic models. Alternatively, the system can be used by itself as a sketch planning tool to provide "back-of-the-envelope" estimates. TREDIS and its components have been successfully applied in 43 US states, and 7 Canada provinces.

MBCA is a free benefit-cost analysis tool, offered as a public service, for multi-modal economic evaluation. For more information about MBCA, click here.

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