Multimodal Vision Plans

Economic development and business organizations are increasingly stepping forward to broaden the public dialog regarding infrastructure investment needs and to aid local and state transportation planning agencies in developing more visionary plans for investment in the economic future of their regions. They often turn to EDR Group to help them evaluate the economic consequences of alternative regional plans.

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Vancouver, BC Gateway Council

EDR Group worked with airport, seaport and rail officials, as well as regional highway planners, to assess the role of Vancouver’s transport infrastructure in supporting the City’s role as an international gateway to North America. The project then used transportation and economic models to assess the implications of future traffic growth on the region’s economy and the economic development implications of investing (or not investing) in a package of multi-modal (rail, road and transit) improvements known as the Major Commercial Transportation System.

Virginia Transportation Alliance (2030 Group)

EDR Group conducted a study of the regional economic significance and economic impact of proposed alternatives scenarios for regional transportation investment in the Washington, DC area. The study assessed the impact of alternatives packages of highway and transit projects, their short-term and long-term impacts on jobs, wage income, value added (GRP) and business output (sales), as well as impacts on federal, local and state tax revenues.

Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce

EDR Group performed economic impact analysis of alternative funding levels for Utah’s Unified Plan. The study compared different funding levels for Utah’s multi-modal plan, assessing the economic benefits and impacts on jobs, household income, business output, and Gross Domestic Product associated with three different funding levels. The study also estimated the public return on investment (ROI) for transportation dollars spent on the plan, and quantified Utah’s overall economic dependence on different passenger and freight modes of transportation.

Massachusetts Transportation Coalition

EDR Group developed a report on the role and importance of transportation funding for the economy of Massachusetts, for a consortium of private organizations. The study identified the types of investments required to support economic growth in the state. It assessed the importance of transportation investment for various forms of economic development, and examined the key growth clusters dominating and driving economic growth in Massachusetts. Based on that information, it assessed the adequacy of current transportation systems and needs for more investment.

Illinois Transportation Vision

EDR Group and Fregonese Associates provided analysis for Chicago Metropolis Strategies, a business-led organization, to articulate a transportation system vision plan for Illinois’ future economy. EDR Group evaluated trends in Illinois' economy and potential transportation technology adoption that may prove strategic in positioning Illinois for future economic and population growth. The plan emphasized economic “sustainability” by examining innovative financing approaches to new/expanded infrastructure, requiring reduced carbon-intensity, greater equity in access for typically under-served segments of Illinois’ population, and appropriately linking key nodes for growth


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