With record levels of population and job growth in American cities, public transportation is playing an increasing role in promoting economic growth. EDR Group has an expanding practice that is looking beyond transit’s ability to improve mobility to its potential to attract jobs, serve late shift workers, and increase workforce participation. We are also identifying new forms of transit data that can help planners and policymakers measure transit’s overall value.

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APTA – Late Shift Mobility:   EDR Group is currently studying late-night transit service and its role in urban economies. The study involves documenting the demographics of late shift commuters, the industries they work in, and the economic importance of late-night transit service.

TCRP J-11 - Guidance for Trading, Sharing, and Selling Public Transit Data:  EDR Group is providing guidance on the sharing, trading, and selling of transit data. Guidance will be based on an evaluation of risks and benefits, a review of the literature, and interviews of transit agencies and employers.

Omaha Transit Return on Investment Study:  EDR Group is assessing the economic returns associated with future transit services within the context of ongoing economic and land development within the Omaha region. The project involves quantifying current economic returns generated by transit plus future scenario analysis to examine when and how transit can generate the most value.

Las Vegas Transit Mobility Plan:  EDR Group is conducting economic analysis of current and potential transit services in support of Las Vegas’s regional mobility plan. The study will consider traditional transit improvements plus connections provided through micromobility.

Economic Impact Analysis of the Maryland Transit Administration:  EDR Group is describing and quantifying the societal and economic value of public transportation in the area served by the Maryland Transit Administration. The study is examining transit’s role in creating jobs and facilitating workforce participation.

APTA – Multimodal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Metrics:  EDR Group is conducting an ongoing study of ways to assess urban mobility and accessibility by considering transit access plus vehicle and active transportation modes.

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