Fitzroy Participates in OECD - ITF Logistics Development & Performance Measurement Roundtable (Mexico)

Stephen Fitzroy, EDR Group’ Senior Vice President, participated in an invitation-only Roundtable discussion held on March 9-10, 2015 at the Mexican Institute of Transportation in Queretaro, Mexico. The roundtable brought together an international gathering of practitioners, experts and researchers to improve understanding of logistics performance and logistics measurement and exchange experience in developing comparable methods of assessment. Participants examined the basis for development of an international framework for national logistics performance measurement, with the overarching goal of supporting decision-making to determine priorities in trade and transport facilitation. The Roundtable discussions centered on current and future performance measures applicable for continuous assessment of transportation infrastructure investments.

Performance metrics, their use in assessing relative competitive positions between countries, best practices and experience in applying various types of performance indicators in developed and developing economies were presented and discussed. Steve served as the Roundtable’s rapporteur and is preparing a summary of the discussions held during these discussions for the OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF).

The Roundtable was part of a larger effort to establish the types of performance measures appropriate to assess the operational and economic impacts of freight transportation infrastructure investments in Mexico and to support policies that will lead to greater economic development based on these investments. The information and reports being developed through this Roundtable will be used as part of a larger effort to set up a permanent transportation logistics observatory in Mexico.

Roundtable website (Papers and presentations delivered during the roundtable are now available for viewing and download)

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