Adam Blair is a Senior Analyst with EDR Group and helps lead the firm’s economic growth strategy and evaluation practice. He brings wide ranging experience working with public sector clients, both evaluating economic growth and development programs, and forecasting implications of emerging economic changes to develop strategies related to entrepreneurship, small business support and workforce development.  Mr. Blair has worked for state and federal departments of revenue, state departments of transportation, regional planning organizations, chambers of commerce, and educational institutions. In addition, Mr. Blair brings experience working for some of the nation's largest metropolitan planning organizations on the development of employment forecasts used to drive population models and establish scenarios for urban growth. He routinely helps clients understand the strengths and limitations of economic data sources (both public and private), and knows how to collect the right information needed to inform planning decisions.

In a business development capacity, Adam forms regional partnerships and works to expand EDR Group’s footprint in the Midwest, serving on the Center for Neighborhood Technology Young Innovators board. Adam has extensive research experience, and is well-versed in methods used to understand regional economies and supply chains. Adam is also an adjunct instructor at DePaul University in Chicago, where he teaches an undergraduate course on sustainable urban transportation.

Prior to joining EDR Group, Mr. Blair studied rural energy policy at the Community and Regional Development Institute, a Cornell University research and extension center. He also has transportation planning experience, having cofounded an independent car sharing organization that is now owned and operated by Zipcar. Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental design from the University at Buffalo and master’s degree in city and regional planning from Cornell University.

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