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Scott Middleton is a planning and research analyst at EDR Group. His work focuses on the intersection of transportation infrastructure and operations and urban policy, drawing on graduate studies in city planning and transportation science to assess the social and economic benefits of transportation projects, programs, and policies.

 He is an expert in data-driven policymaking and infrastructure investments, for example, helping to develop the U.S. Department of Transportation’s performance-based planning guidance while at the Volpe Research Center. He facilitated peer exchanges with the Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program, where he supported applications of best practices for performance measurement and project prioritization.  With regard to technical proficiencies, he brings experience with statistical analysis, spatial analysis, and data visualization employed in planning contexts.

He has worked extensively with transportation agencies at the federal, state and local level. In addition to supporting federal programs and bringing states and MPOs together to develop best practice methods, he helped developed a TOD plan for a new metro line in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, worked on bicycle and pedestrian plans, facilitated the integration of new modes into city transportation systems. He has researched emerging technologies and shared mobility services, including a large survey of TNC users’ behavior and preferences.

Scott holds an MS in transportation, an MCP in planning, and a Certificate in Environmental Planning, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He also holds a BA in urban studies and history from Brown University. 

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