Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group) is a firm dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in economic evaluation and analysis to support planning and policy in the areas of transportation, energy resources, urban development, and economic growth strategy.

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Background. EDR Group, now in its 20th year, was started with a core philosophy — to contribute to a better society by enhancing our understanding of economic processes and by improving the tools we have for decision-support regarding policies and investments. We focus on economic development and its relationship to public and private investments, programs and policies. We aim to empower clients to better plan and implement actions that are efficient, sustainable and serve to grow jobs, increase incomes, reduce disparities and enhance quality of life.

Since our beginning, we have maintained a select staff distinguished by three features: (1) technical excellence applying and furthering “state-of-the-art” analysis methods, (2) vision and leadership in communicating findings and helping clients use information for decision-making, and (3) ability to work effectively with others in teams, to address client needs.

We initially built a practice based on evaluation — of past projects, existing programs and proposed future investments around North America. We have since expanded to serve a global clientele, and to advise organizations on how to better implement processes for planning, prioritization and funding decisions that consider wider benefit and impact factors. To further that objective, in 2016 we became an affiliate of EBP — an international group for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation — to enable more effective planning and analysis, with a goal of balancing economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Activities. EDR Group's consulting business is organized in terms of four areas of expertise: 

A distinguishing aspect of EDR Group is its professional leadership at the cutting edge of new technologies and approaches to improve economic evaluation and program strategies. We play major roles in professional organizations, conferences and publications, and publicly share our work on the Internet. Our web library provides an unprecedented large collection of free reports and presentations — unmatched by any other firm in our industry.

Clients and Locations. Past and current clients of EDR Group span nearly every state in the US and nearly every province in Canada. They also include organizations located in Australia, China, Singapore, England, Scotland, Netherlands, South Africa, and elsewhere around the world. About 2/3 are government agencies, the rest are private companies and regional business organizations. We also commonly work with engineering and planning firms around the world.

Most of our work is conducted from our headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and is supported by satellite staff offices based in the San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Nashville areas, plus affiliate offices in Hong Kong, Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, and Germany. Please click on the menu bar to learn more about our services and publications.


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