This week I am in beautiful Portland, Oregon attending the Transportation Research Board’s Transportation Planning Applications Conference, which showcases practice-ready transportation planning applications. At the corner of research and practice, the conference is a great opportunity for participants to share innovative methods of policy analysis and technical transportation planning. I am particularly excited to join workshops, panel discussions, and lightning talks on topics like freight data, multimodal performance measures, and data visualization.

On Tuesday 6/4 at 10:30am, I will be presenting at the lectern session “Saying Something Useful When All You Have is a Crystal Ball.” In keeping with the theme I will present an overview of EDR Group’s approach to freight planning using readily available economic data. In short, I’ll explain how we draw connections between the economy (i.e., inter-industry interactions) and the movement of goods to portray the effects of economic change on the transportation network. The methods I present should be helpful to anyone interested in defining alternative future scenarios, understanding the risks of transportation investment, or estimating the transportation impacts of major economic disruptions. If you happen to be in Portland, I hope to see you there!