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Conference Presentations: Freight and Economic Development


Freight Internet Series. FHWA sponsors the national "Talking Freight" internet seminar series with monthly speakers. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group presented at FHWA's February 2004 freight seminar. His topic was "Tying Freight and Economic Development", and focused on how freight access and costs can affect a region's economic development potential (View slide presentation, ppt file)

Review of the FHWA Freight Analysis Framework. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group was invited by the National Academies panel on the Future of the FAF (Freight Analysis Framework) in 2003 to give a presentation on consultant use of FHWA's freight database.

FHWA Freight Cost-Benefit Study. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group was selected by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 2002 to serve on the advisory panel for FHWA's national freight cost-benefit study. In this role, he has been reviewing the analysis process for measuring business costs of truck movements, the interpretation of findings and implications for planning. Reports from this study are forthcoming.

International Conference on Transportation and Economic Development (TED2002). The conference, held in Portland (Oregon) in May 2002, was co-sponsored by American, Canadian, European, Asian and Third World organizations. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group was co-chair of the organizing committee. Glen Weisbrod gave a presentation on statewide transportation policies and programs to incorporate economic development (View presentation, pdf file 696k) .

Conference on Uncovering Freight Trends. The conference was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in October 2001, bringing together private sector freight transportation representatives to discuss emerging freight trends and business implications. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group and Andreas Aeppli of Reebie gave a presentation on: "Economic Impact of Rail Freight for the City of Chicago." (View presentation, pdf file)

Conference on Data Needs in the Changing World of Logistics and Freight Transportation. The conference was held in Saratoga Springs, New York in November 2001, and was sponsored by the Transportation Research Board and NY State DOT. It brought together federal and state planners to discuss the measurement of freight movements and changing economies. (View conference summary, web page). Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group gave a presentation on "Critical Issues Facing Freight Data Collection and Analysis Data Needs to Address Emerging Issues" (View slide presentation, pdf file)

Canada Transportation Benefit-Cost Conference. This symposium was held in 2001 by the Transportation Association of Canada. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group, together with Martin Weiss of the U.S. Department of Transportation, presented a paper on "Development of Benefit-Cost Analysis in the ERA of TEA-21." The paper discussed alternative ways of recognizing economic development effects in the analysis of transportation project investments. (View the paper, pdf file)

Freight and Economic Development Session - TRB Conference. The Annual Conference of the Transportation Research Board was held in Washington, DC in January 2002. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group was a panelist in the session on Freight and Economic Development, and made a presentation on "Integrating Freight and Economic Development into Statewide Planning." (View slide presentation, pdf file)

International Business Networking Conference. The conference was held in Saint John, NB, Canada in April 2002. It brought together representatives from New York, New England and Atlantic Canada to discuss common interests and opportunities for improving access, trade and regional development. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group gave a presentation on "Promoting International Connections: Efforts of New York's North Country."

Annual Conference of the International Economic Development Council. This international conference was held in Oakland, California in September 2002. Glen Weisbrod of EDR Group gave a presentation on "Emerging Trends in Freight Movement and Economic Development."


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