There is growing appreciation that the benefits of transportation systems should be measured in terms of the access and connections that they provide to job, commerce and personal activity opportunities, rather than merely the value of time and cost savings. EDR Group has been at the forefront of developing methods to assess these benefits and their productivity consequences.

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Recent work by EDR Group:

 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) – Rural Accessibility Measures : EDR Group’s ongoing study of ways to assess urban EDR Group’s ongoing study of the many facets of accessibility in rural America, and ways to measure them. 

APTA – Multimodal Urban Mobility and Accessibility MetricsEDR Group’s ongoing study of ways to assess urban mobility and accessibility by considering transit access along with car and active transportation modes.  

SHRP2 C11 – Accessibility and Connectivity ToolsEDR Group led team developing tools for assessing accessibility (via threshold based and gravity model based indices) as well as intermodal connectivity  

FHWA Freight Accessibility ReportEDR Group presentation on how freight market delivery access can be measured and used in planning

Virginia – Lynchburg Regional Connectivity StudyEDR Group  examined ways that infrastructure connectivity can support broader economic development strategies.

NCHRP 02-24 Productivity: Accessibility, Connectivity, and ReliabilityEDR Group’s study of how accessibility and intermodal connectivity affect the economy

TRB Report - Investment Prioritization for Low Volume RoadsEDR Group Report, discusses role low volume roads as economic access lifelines to business and job markets


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