Environment and Green Technologies

An increasingly diverse set of initiatives are being taken by both public agencies and private groups to promote innovative technologies and regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions while promoting economic development, or at least not unduly harming it. As new options emerge, government and private organizations are turning to EDR Group to assess their potential future economic consequences.

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Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

EDR Group was the technical consultant for the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) and its regional strategy for controlling carbon dioxide emissions through a “cap and trade” program that requires electric power generators to reduce carbon dioxide but allows for trading of emissions credits. The consortium of 8 states, through its Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives (RGGI), hired EDR Group to analyze the potential impact on retail electricity prices and economic activity in the region, including changes in household and business costs, jobs and income generation in the region.

Low Carbon Fuels

For NESCAUM, EDR Group also provided technical guidance on developing an economic analysis for an emerging set of low-carbon fuel standard for mobile and stationary emissions sources in an 11-state region. The work includes data development and multi-regional economic impact modeling to show how effects on job and income growth among the various states. EDR Group presented these results at meetings of various stakeholder groups.

Clean Tech Assessments

EDR Group served in a technical advisory role to the MA Clean Technology Initiative (UMASS-Lowell), examining the potential for job generation from nano-science and green-chemistry advances; green building, less-toxic production processes across MA industries, reducing waste-streams through greater recycling programs, and clean energy. EDR Group surveyed existing literature and drew from clean tech practices elsewhere to illustrate the range of benefits -- from measurable economic impacts and environmental impacts, to social benefits.

Stewart Airport Sustainability Program

EDR Group, as part of a team with VHB, contributed to development of a sustainability baseline assessment for the Stewart Airport. The work of EDR Group focused on the Airport’s role in the community and the opportunities that exist to create coordinated synergy relationships between strategies to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint and regional economic development efforts.


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