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The Pre-TRB Whirlwind: Are You Ready to Learn with 13,000 of Your Closest Transportation Friends? - Economic Development Research Group Blog

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The Pre-TRB Whirlwind: Are You Ready to Learn with 13,000 of Your Closest Transportation Friends?



It's that time of year again - barely back from winter break and in this case some wintery weather mayhem, we rush collectively into the 2018 TRB Annual Meeting. Unlike last year, I'll be flying out of Pittsburgh, my new homebase to get to Washington, D.C. But just like last year I'll be using this blog to share what I see, do, and learn at TRB.

Thanks for joining me!

I wanted to take a quick opportunity to highlight things on my agenda that I am excited about:

(1) War Games Come to TRB: May the Best Plan for Connecting Technology and Policy Win: I will be participating in a workshop on Sunday where teams compete to answer the question: How can technology, public policy and market forces be aligned to achieve greatest societal benefits and aspirational energy outcomes? I'm #TeamEnergy, meaning we're asking questions like: as methods of delivering mobility change in the future (with shared mobility, changing fuel technology, and automation on the horizon), how will individual travel behavior change, and what can we do to ensure environmental and other externalities are accounted for?

(2) Monday - My Day of Research Sharing! My Monday is jam-packed, but I am happy to have the opportunity to share a number of things I have worked on the last year or so, including:

  • Progress in the ongoing NCHRP Project 19-14 Right-Sizing Transportation Investments, which asks how planning and partnerships can be used to align funding, function, jurisdiction and system size to improve efficiency and service, progressing to a more sustainable future.
  • Findings from a forthcoming NCHRP Synthesis on Investment Prioritization Methods for Low Volume Roads, which identified successful practices for recognizing the broader social and economic importance of access and connectivity provided by low volume roads.
  • A poster on The Economic Value of Connectivity in the Lynchburg Region (full project details here)

 Stay tuned!

TRB War Games In Action: Your Future Mobility is R...
Welcome to TRB 2018

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